Hello, my name is Sariena,

I am a follower of Christ. I grew up in a Christian household and gave my heart to God sometime in high school. I never had some big moment of dedication, rather He gradually showed me His love, peace and grace which caused me to fall in love with Him.

I am the wife to an incredibly hardย working and handsome man named Eli.

The momma to a silly little boy named Malachi and a sweet little girl named Evangeline (Eva) , both have rocked my world.

A daughter to amazing parents and in laws. Both incredible examples of a loving marriage.

A sister, I have 4 gorgeous sisters and a loving brother. All of them are married and I love my sibling in laws so much. โค And almost all of them have kiddo’s- ย I love rocking the aunty game! 2 Nieces and 4 Nephews. โค

A friend, I strive to be the friend you can count on. I am in no way perfect at it and have made mistakes in friendships, but my heart is to be there for others and to be a listening ear and shoulder to lean or cry on.