Blog Purpose

I’m starting this blog for a few reason. The biggest is to process and write about my daughters birth. Her birth was very traumatic, she came out with a blocked airway and wasn’t breathing. They had to preform CPR for 20minutes as they worked to get the blockage out. She was life flighted to the NICU on Oahu and stayed there for 10 days before I got to bring her home.

We are so thankful she is alive and healthy today. However that experience has left me with a lot of anxiety and PTSD. My hope is that through writing out her story and sharing some of my healing process I’m going through that other momma’s (and dads) will know that they are not alone. That it is okay if they are having a hard time and to encourage them to take care of themselves in this stage of life that is so centered around our sweet babes.

The hope is to encourage, be raw and most of all to let others know that they are not alone is the overwhelming feelings and scary thoughts.